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"Save Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours When You Grab These 800+ Stunning Whiteboard Graphics That Will Captivate Your Audience, Skyrocket Your Video Conversions and Put More Dollars In Your Pocket!"

800+ Whiteboard SVG items created from 350+ unique & stunning artworks
15 Modules of Graphics For All Occasions
Bring your story to life with your choice of full color, shadow or outline versions
Have fun creating videos with these graphics AND stand out from the crowd
Multiple Formats Included For Maximum Versatility

Why Whiteboard Videos?

What Makes A Good Whiteboard Video?

Research shows that whiteboard video has the ability to gain attention, encourage engagement and convey information more than any other type of video.

That's simply because people love to see things being drawn.  Drawing is one of the earliest, simplest and most efficient form of communication in human history.

So in a whiteboard video, visualization has 2 main components - the artwork, and the drawing animation.  They have to go together.  It's insufficient to have good artwork but bad drawing animation, or the other way around.

Bad Artwork With Good Drawing


Good Artwork With Bad Drawing


You can see that even if you have good artwork, your video will still look ugly if the drawing animation is not natural.

I'm willing to bet that a lot of the Whiteboard Graphics you already have don't work quite as well as you thought they would in your videos!

But what's the choice?

How do you think this will figure in your overall bottom-line, when:


Here's A Preview Of What You're Getting

But What If You Could Get Hundreds of SVGs That Animate Perfectly in Your Video Software For Just Pennies Each?

Here are the 15 Modules you'll receive:


All Of These Whiteboard Assets Animate Perfectly!

Let's Compare How These SVGs Work With Top Whiteboard Video Softwares

Other SVGs


SVG Heaven


Let's Take A Good Look At This Galactic Package

Let's See Exactly What's In The 15 SVG Heaven Modules

Remember ALL of these SVGs come in Full Color, Shadow and Line Art Versions


What Makes SVG Heaven So Good!

What Makes SVG Heaven Different?


Perfect Whiteboard Visualization

We already established that good whiteboard video visualization consists of good looking art and natural drawing animation.  With elegant artworks that are designed to work perfectly with all whiteboard video software, SVG Heaven is ready to make your video stand out from the crowd.

Use For Multiple Purposes

SVG Heaven's images don't just have to be used in videos.  They can be used in any of your projects that need cartoon styled graphics, such as:

  • Video creation and video marketing
  • Sales Page and Landing Page Design
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Banners, Covers and Web Image Design
  • Printable Objects like Brochures and T-Shirts

As well as SVG format, you will receive high resolution PNGs and EPS format images that are compatible with almost all of the popular video and graphics editors.


Grab All 15 Modules of Whiteboard Assets Today!

Get SVG Heaven Now And Start Creating Compelling Videos With Quality Graphics Today!


Normal Price $47

SVG Heaven NYE Special

All content is accessible via a secure Members Area after purchase.  Please contact us if you need any help with your purchase or downloads.

To Your Video Success!

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