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With These 10 High Quality, 100% Ready-to-Go and Highly Customizable Infographics Collection In The Internet Marketing Niche

Dear Friend,

How would you like to know the best way to get hordes of viral social traffic to your websites, engage your audience at peak potential, and significantly enhance your position as an expert in your field? Well, look no further than...


If you haven't used any element of infographics for your business yet, then you are missing out a lot! And there is a high chance you are forfeiting a wealth of opportunities to your competitors who are using infographics right this moment.

7reasons to use Infographics

That's right. If you start using infographics as one of the components of your information business, you can quickly and easily boost your visitor count to all of your social media profiles and websites... and keep your audience engaged for a long time to come!

As a matter of fact, according to SocialBaker.com, the usage of photos account 93% of the most engaging post types on Facebook!


Also, when you start sharing infographic-based photos on your social media profiles like Facebook...


But There's A Problem!

It's expensive to develop your own ...

Making infographics is big business. On average they cost around $500 to create one - yes, ONE - and that is if you want it to be good. And the reason they cost more than many other types of images out there is because effective infographics need to meet certain criteria, backed by detailed research.

But the ability for them to be spread all over the Internet is insane – I mean serious viral stuff!

What's The Solution?

Designing websites and graphics for our clients is a job we do all the time, and naturally we understand your needs as a business owner. So we decided to come up with our own infographics package that you can use right away - or even have the option to edit it anyhow you want!


Where And How To Use These Infographics

Check1blue2Facebook - build your FB page 'likes' by getting your photos shared! And go viral every time a user shares your photo with his circle of friends, in his group, or on his page. (TIP: add descriptions like "If you like this, SHARE this" and "SHARE if you agree" to increase your sharing rate by 300%!)

Check1blue2Twitter - did you know? Infographics shared on Twitter get 832% more ReTweets than any other types of images and even links to articles? [Source: MediaBistro]

Check1blue2Instagram (you can share resized or portions of the infographic on your company account!)

Check1blue2 Pinterest

Check1blue2Your blog post - use as instant content, no need to write a word!

Check1blue2Use on your sales copy to educate your prospects and increase sales conversions!

Check1blue2Perhaps you can use as instant bonus material to your information products!

Check1blue2Or hey, print these infographics and publish for your DVDs , home study course, book, etc.

Can I Use Them Right Away?

Yes, you can!

Even if you have no Paint program, Photoshop, or anything to edit the images, you don't have to feel embarassed to use these infographics the way they are!

But What If I Want To Make My Own Changes?

Of course you can, too!

That is because we are giving you the Private Label Rights to this infographics package!

What this means is that you can edit, customize and rebrand the infographics to your liking - watermark your brand, embed your company logo, insert your website URL for viral social traffic... it's your choice.


You get these infographics in PNG (to be used as-is), PSD (which can be edited in Photoshop) and AI (which acn be edited in Illustrator). You'll also be getting the fonts used in these infographics so you're granted full editability and a flexible choice of usage!

Great! So How Much Is It?

If our clients were to hire us to create a custom infographic for them, we would have charged a few hundred dollars at least for each piece. And this is the market rate.

But with this package, we have already created all the infographic pieces so you can take advantage of it right away. And if you want, you can further edit or customize it!

The Best Part Is: We Have Also Removed The Exorbitant Price Tag!

That's right. No '$500 per pop' thing going on here.

Initially, we thought of pricing our entire Infographics collection at $97. Which is a darned good bargain. And last time we checked, we haven't seen anyone else out there giving a ready-made infographics package for marketing topics at price this LOW.

But since we are releasing our first infographics collection ever, we are going to treat you to a special discount!

Normally $97

Today Only $17!

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